Unlocking Women Power - About

Women in India have always been an issue of concern. The folks and society at large always considered women as second class citizens. But times have changed. From the time the husband earned, and the wife stayed at home, to the time now when the husband earns and the wife earns too. But the wife still cooks and washes and runs the house. So, how does she balance her work with life at home?

We are pleased to invite you to “Unlocking Woman Power” scheduled on 2nd & 3rd July 2010.

We believe that success is not just defined by promotions or by achieving targets, but by the sense of fulfilment that you feel when a job is accomplished well. Women in India have made their mark in multiple fields –technology, literature, art etc. There is hardly an industry/sector where you wouldn’t find women – and the women:men ratios are improving in all sectors in India.

So where you want to see yourself, ten years down the line????????


Amongst the Black, White and Grey days of the daily routine, we wish to offer this colourful day to you. A day that will help you define your long term goals. What's in store for you at the conference?

  1. Monetary sources other than kitty parties and Beesi.
  2. Social status does not come alone, it comes with public affair.
  3. Seeking new and innovative opportunities. Then find more in the conference......
  4. Career & marriage probably are not happier.
  5. Want to know more about women’s rights? Then don’t miss it out......