Safety and Security Expo

3 Days Safety and Security Expo from 1-3rd June 2012 at Hotel Tuli Imperial, Nagpur

Exhibitors Profile:

  1. Safety Equipment : Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm, Fire Safety Gloves/shoes/jackets, Smoke Alarms, Anti Theft Systems, SAFE Vaults, Safety Locks, Safe Doors, Access Equipment, Safety Signs, etc.
  2. Security Equipment: CCTV, Surveillance Camera, Door Monitors, Security Force, etc.
  3. Automation: Automatic Doors/Windows/Curtains, Live Office/Home Broadcast, Surveillance Camera Integration, CCTV Integration, etc.

Expo Highlights:

  1. Invite to over 10,000 industrialists in vidarbh including Akola, Amravati, Chandrapur, Gondia.
  2. Invites to major club members in city
  3. Invites to major service industry personnel like hotel, hospital, etc.
  4. Wide coverage with paper and hoarding.
  5. Registration for all the visitors with complete data collection and made available to all exhibitors at the end of Expo.

Common facilities for the exhibitors :

  1. Octonorm Stalls
  2. 1 Table + 2 Chairs
  3. 5 Amp Electric Connection
  4. Dustbin + Housekeeping
  5. Tea/Coffee/Water