AMV MTR2 - Mini Trivision Moulded Body - Vertical



Trivision is one of the most powerful advertising systems. Trivisions are made to work smoothly year after year. Even under extreme conditions. It is a display medium wherein a series of triangular prisms with graphic images, rotate one-third of a turn, displaying one complete message/image for an adjustable period of time. After second one-third rotation 2nd image is seen & so on the 3rd. Trivision increases sales by 80%


  • It is attractive, affordable, easy to operate, user friendly, eco-friendly and reliable.
  • Display 3 Ads in the place of one
  • Trivision sign gives four times the attention values compared to static sign
  • Trivision increases your communication and reduces the cost per message
  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor application
  • Very economical to run
  • Easy replacement of graphics
  • Display time can be set through adjustable time controller
  • Using normal power supply

 Utility Areas

  • Stadium Advertising
  • Malls
  • Airport
  • Railway
  • Companies
  • Public Shelter
  • Shops
  • Outdoor Hordings

 Product Size

Display Area : 16"W x 24"H External Size : 2'W x 3' H

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