Marcom 2010 - About

As the pace of development becomes rapid, the need for specialized services and quick customer-need alignment by sellers become necessary. Also for a buyer, knowing the best resource providers is critical for day to day management, as well as long term growth.

Thus, we feel the time is ripe and perfect for Nagpur to showcase a business to business conference. So we provide a platform for these service providers and potential clients to discuss their products and requirements at one place and to come up with innovative, cost effective solutions which can be personalized for a company. Besides this, the conference will help develop PR amongst companies and these for further benefit.

With almost 100 attendees from all over Nagpur, marcom 2010-Vidarbh, as compared to other major conferences over the nation, is a smaller conference. But what seems to be a disadvantage can be a major opportunity for all attendees because everybody has the chance to get into deeper talks and discussions about individual challenges in specific industries and businesses.

We are happy to welcome you to the marcom 2010 Conference at Hotel SUN & SAND, Nagpur.